Thanks for visiting our site that is designed to provide you with resources related to Sustainable Practices - both in your practice and in the buildings that you sell.  We are very excited about this project and hope that you find value in this resource.  The field of Sustainability is ever-expanding, and PMAR hopes to keep you up to date on the latest information..

Sustainable practices covers a broad number of topics, and so our goal was to organize the information in a way that would make sense and save you time and energy. Download an overview here. Please feel free to make suggestions, we expect the site to grow and evolve. You can e-mail PMAR Communications Director Elizabeth Coffey with your feedback.


PMAR has achieved Sustainability at Work’s silver certification and is recognized for its leadership helping make Portland one of the cleanest, most sustainable cities in the country. To earn this honor, PMAR completed numerous actions to benefit our local economy, our community and our environment, which were verified during an onsite visit with Sustainability at Work Advisors. Read more here.